Archery tag, the action begins

Archery in Salou

Become an unstoppable archer and have fun!

Do you like archery? Now you can test your skill with this precisions port and become a real Robin Hood or a super heroine like Brave. Dare yourself your focus and get the highest punctuation hitting the targets. Fun and adventure to enjoy archery as you never have done it before, in a secured and protected environment.

Be ready to enjoy our Bosc Aventura’s funny archery targets.

What is archery?

This frenetic activity combines skill with aim, 5 different targets where you will show up your skill with the archery use.

Players with bows and arrows

Sharp your aim with total security

Do you like living new experiences? Archery practice is done for you, it will impress you for different reasons:

  • You will learn essential archery techniques but in a safety environment.
  • Safety is guaranteed… Bosc Aventura’s arrows have a sticky arrow which make an activity without risk.
  • Archery is developed in a secure field for this activity practice.
  • Instructors will teach you the archery rules and how to beat your opponents.

Player taking aim. archery

Dare yourself with #likerobinhood challenge and earn a personalyzed certificate

Are you ready for the challenge we purpose you?

During the archery course you will keep writing the points you make on the different targets.

Are you going to be good enough to do more than 60 points?

Show us your scorecard at reception and get a personalized diploma with your name

You touch the target!

How to play to paintball with shooting of bow in a bosc aventura?

Archery Tag in Bosc Aventura Salou

for your security and comfort, do not forget to take:

  • Sport shoes.
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • Long hair must be collected.

Archery Tag is fantastic. We are going to explain why. It is adrenaline and fun. But Do you know what participants of “ Gran Juego del Arco” in Salou like most of all? Your team will be a protagonist of one adventure with a history and multitude of elements that make it special.

Each team will represent a civilization. One of them will be vikingos , another one will be indian, maybe Templar knights… it is fantastic, do not you think so?

Costume will make everyone to get into the role and act as archers of anther time. There will be feathers, horns, great armor or paints on the face.

The aim? You have to protect a special object, like, f example one family ….. To achieve that each team must use their strategies in using bow to stole the objects that protect another team.

Who is the winner of Big Bow Game? That team who will conquer the territory of the enemy the first.

are you an adventure person?

Bows and arrows are ready!

only you are missing

Book your match

In this archery fighting in salou you have to be here.

The bow is waiting for you!

Find out fun plan that we have for you:

Celebrate your birthday Archery Tag


You are going to have birthday soon and you would like to celebrate it in the best way? Would you like to surprise a loved one and organize a stay of Archery Tag unforgettable? choose the Bosc Aventura and start to enjoy it.

Stag and hen Bosc Aventura Salou

Bachelor parties

Say good bye to the loneliness in an original wayand with the emotion of the flower of skin. Book your place and say good bye in a new way. Take your bow, find out the objective and shoot.

Team Building Bosc Aventura Salou

Team building journeys

Archery Tag of Bosc Aventura is a perfect activity to enhance team feeling between colleagues of one enterprise. Sharpens ingenuity and creativity while forging the strategy ability of the group and their capacity to fight all together to get the objective: the victory!

it sunds good, realy?

So, come with your friends and enjoy the beauty!

Our prices

Games of Archery Tag in Bosc Aventura Salou includes:

childish- adults

12 € + 7 years
  • 30 minutes of the game
  • Bow + arrows
  • Masc
  • Special costume

childish- adults

20 € + 7 years
  • 1 hour of the game
  • Bow + arrows
  • Masc
  • Special costume

have a fun for little!

There are already brave ones who have unleashed all his adrenaline.



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