Paintball in Bosc Aventura Salou

Prove your aim, get your target and go to battle!

In BOSC AVENTURA, kids will find the perfect place to practise paintball for children in Salou. A strategy game that claims for the force of the equipment, the skill and the aim to eliminate your adversaries shooting balls filled with paint. Fun and security, making this game an amazing and safe adventure.

And for adults, we have another paintball area as well. Free your adrenaline, release all your energy and join a game where the fun is sure.

we organise groups to play paintball and paintball soft

¡Book now and we’ll make you a group!

Now you have the chance to join a group with other people who haven’t anyone to play.
We manage groups to play Paintball and Paintball Soft every TUESDAY and THURSDAY at 11h AM.
Join us calling 877 050 444, via email or booking in the park.
As much people you will enjoy more, more laughs, more action, more adrenalin and new friends!

Come, aim and shoot!

Step into the paintball universe for children and adults

An AMAZING experience

Where paintball was born?

Paintball is a sport that was realized in USA during the 70’s and 80’s. The idea of this sport came up when someone was shooting balls of paint to mark cattle and trees. It was when was created the very first outdoor paintball game field. Later on, the first indoor game field was in Australia.

In Spain the first Paintball game field was born in 1992. Since then, Paintball was expanded quickly in Cataluña from 1995.

What’s paintball about?

It is an activity where the participants use air guns or CO2 named markers, firing little paint balls against other players. Se trata de It is a question of a complex game of pursuit, where the players marked with painting during the game are eliminated.

At all time, in the children’s game fields and adults’, the participants are protected by a mask, a neck guard, a bib and coveralls.

Two teams and a single target. are you ready to get it?

In Paintball game they put on face-to-face two teams in order to eliminate all the players of the opposite team or to get the final aim, for example, to capture the flag or to eliminate a certain player.

When is the game over? It will finish when the players remain without munition. The period of a game changes depending on the balls that are bought, on the participants who compose the group and on the dynamics of the game/group.

Special paintball for kids in bosc aventura

Hard trials for bravest children

Paintball with Splatmaster guns

Paintball Soft

Children from 7-8 years old

Come and play Paintball thanks to the new less weight powerfull Splatmaster guns. This kind of pistols, absolutely adapted and safe, works thanks to a spring and it is needed that a child loads them in every shot. The most extreme amusement has come!



From 14 years old

If you like Paintball you can play in our Paintball zone with your friends. Enjoy in our field 1500m2

Our prices

Bosc Aventura Paintball games include:

For children

23 € + 7 years
  • Marker with 100 paint balls
  • Mask
  • Neck guard
  • A body protector
  • A single-use bib
  • Optional: Gloves


25 € + 14 years old
  • Marker with 100 paint balls
  • Mask
  • Neck guard
  • A body protector
  • A single-use bib
  • Optional: Gloves

Would you like to make the most in the paintball game field?

Wear comfortable clothes and footwear



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43840 - Salou

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Feel the adrenaline and be ready to visceral pleasure

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Come with your friends and enjoy!

El paintball in Salou is Bosc Aventura