Playing mini golf in Salou?

Choose Bosc Aventura, Your winner!

14 different mini golf courses to enjoy the most funy mini golf games

You will improve your swing and will spend a very special day. Don’t miss it!

Get ready to discover the most exciting mini golf in salou

Skill, concentration and aim, Sharpen them every game!

Si te gusta jugar al minigolf, te ofrecemos If you like to play mini golf, we offer you 14 different mini golf courses where to have a good time. Would you like to spend one day with your friends, family or with your school mates with sport and cheer as protagonists? Bosc Aventura, your park of adventures in Salou, makes it possible!

Show the necessary skill and concentration in each of the mini golf games that compose this circuit and reach the goal on with the fewer number of possible blows. Do you dare?

Due to you are a winner, don’t doubt. Do physical exercise having fun.

Your best golf swing with a lot of laughs.

Do you like challenges?

In this activity you will have to show up your skills if you want to achieve the challenge. Are you ready?

Reto minigolf IBEATNUMBER7Bosc Aventura

Try the #ibeatnumber7 challenge and win a personalized certificate

Are you ready for this challenge?

During your minigolf course you will find some obstacles, but the hardest would be the 7th course

Can you do it before you do 5 kicks?

Show us your scorecard at reception and get a personalized certificate with your name.

Undoubtedly the best mini golf in Salou

What are the rules to follow to play at bosc aventura mini golf?

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Recommendations to play at bosc aventura mini golf

  • Comfortable clothes and footwear
  • Looking for a very good time
  • Sporting spirit and companionship

The access to the mini golf is valid as long as a ticket has been acquired in receipt

The tracks begin in the hole 1 and finish in the hole 14

Only one player per track

To move the ball it is necessary to strike it with the putter, it cannot be accompanied. And it is not possible to return to throw until it is not totally immobile

If the ball goes out of the track, it will be begun from the last position of the blow

Every blow is equivalent to 1 point, if the hole is not completed by 7 blows, 9 will be signed. Likewise, the punctuation will be 9 if the player leaves the hole

The mini golf circuit winner will be the player with less blows.

In order to have a proper record, a card will be provided by BOSC AVENTURA where the player may write down his name and hole number. The playmate will be in charge to take note of the right score

our prices

Bosc Aventura Salou mini golf games include:


5 €
  • Golf ball
  • Putter
  • Points Report



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show you mini golf skills but, first of all
have fun!

An exciting day full of good moments playing sports

Do you like the plan? Join in Bosc Aventura Salou mini golf