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In the beginning, Death slide and Tibetan bridge were technologies used to overcome geographical accidents impossible to overcome without the help of a rope. Nowadays, the zip line is included inside the modality of escalation and vertical technologies.

Death slide or Zip line is nothing but the union of two points across a rope or cable, which will allow us to go across slipping, since it would be impossible or dangerous to cover that distance on foot. A pulley is used to slide down with the cable or rope, and safety equipment that will hold you in case of a possible break of the pulley (somewhat improbable).

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And there’s more. discover the bosc aventura tibetan bridge!

Apart from enjoying a day playing with the Zipline for children in Salou, your visit to BOSC AVENTURA will allow you to discover the Tibetan bridge. It is a structure roped by two points (the ends of the rope or cable), to go from a side to the other one. The difficulty of the game consists of striving for balance while you walk on it.

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4 zip lines tours in Salou

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Green circuit

Infantil:For children: From 3 years of age

Always with an adult, they will enjoy 13 different games among the trees areas 1-2 metres from the ground. Among them, stairs bridges, Tibetan bridges, net bridges and 2 Ziplines!

Length of the tour: 95 metres.

Difficulty easy

Blue circuit (Level 1 and level 2)

From to 7 years old and +1'25m

For those over 1’25 meters. We have 2 circuits in our Zipline park in Salou,, one of easy difficulty and other one of medium difficulty, where they will enjoy 13 games from a height of 3 meters up to 5 meters, with a zipline the easy one and two zipline the medium one.

Length of the easy tour and medium tour: 95 and 115 meters respectively.

Difficulty medium

Red circuit (Level 3)

From to 10 years old and +1'45m

If you are an intrepid adventurer, This circuit of ziplines is done for you! It is the most difficult of all our park of adventures. Those who are over 1'45 meters will enjoy this magnificent circuit, with 16 different games and with 3 fantastic ziplines of more than 80 meters and up to 10 meters of height.

Length of the tour: 250 meters.

Difficulty advanced

Your safety is the most important thing in bosc aventura

Enjoy with your family the reference Zipline Park in Salou.

Facilitator monitoring children safety


Enjoy our activities in safety mode

Now is not possible unclipping the carabiners, safety first. Also for ziplining for the Tibetan bridges, we are going to use a safety harnes and a safety carabiners which would remain clipped on the safety line. Which allow us to do the activities with total safety, and in case we fall we allways are going to be secured with one, avoiding falling to the ground.

Zipline pulley system and briefing

What is included in the bosc aventura zipline activities?

  • Safety harness and carabineer hooks
  • Zipline pulley system and briefing (essential information received during an initial circuit testing to execute the rest.
  • Optional: gloves
Enjoying the Zipline and Tibetan bridge tours

Special recommendations to enjoy the zipline and tibetan bridge tours:

  • Wearing sports clothes and footwear
  • Be careful about the resin of the trees since you can get dirty
  • Wear your long hair up to avoid it is caught on any pulley
  • Let us know if you have any disability

Our prices

Zipline games include Bosc Aventura Salou:

Green course

15 € + 3 years
  • 2 times
  • Safety course
  • Bridges circuit, obstacles, zip line

Light blue course

15 € + 7 years
  • Safety course
  • Bridges circuit, obstacles, zip line

Dark blue course

19 € + 7 years
  • Safety course
  • Bridges circuit, obstacles, zip line

Ligth and dark blue course

27 € + 7 years
  • Safety course
  • Bridges circuit, obstacles, zip line

Drak blue + red

32 € + 10 years
  • Safety course
  • Bridges circuit, obstacles, zip line

Light blue + dark blue + red course

37 € + 10 years
  • Safety course
  • Bridges circuit, obstacles, zip line



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