Team Building for companies in Bosc Aventura Salou

Promote the leadership of a great team feeling the emotion flush with skin

The multiadventure activities will allow you to free yourself for a few hours from the stress of work and daily routine. But in this feat, you will not be alone. You will have one each other to form a winning team 100% motivated, able to surpass itself and to go together in search of the same objective: amusement. Are you ready?

Let the adventure begin!

Activities for companies bet on High Performance Teams

Companionship, motivation and shared challenges. You make this team better!

Team Building activities help to build motivated and competitive teams. These are focused on results through the development of activities that inspire the team spirit and cooperation among different participants

To get away from the usual scenario of each company Bosc Aventura propose nature and outdoors as the place chosen to break the work routine and enhance fellowship in a relaxed, fun and exciting environment. Sounds good?

The tests we design for Team Building Programs for companies will lead to work together for the same objective with the proper motivation to reach out the common target overcoming any obstacle. This is the result of each member’s help.

Excitement, adventure and fun are the ingredients of an amazing motivational cocktail.

3, 2, 1… Are you ready to make the jump? Now is the time?

Join in the most intrepid adventure and forge winning teams

Ziplines Bosc Aventura Salou


Slither down the zip line and try to get your team overcome without problems the obstacles that run our circuits. Are you ready? Do you wish to give everything for your mates? Then you are unique. This team building activity in Salou is with your name on it.

Paintball Bosc Aventura Salou


Strategy and team spirit are two the elements are not lacking in the battlefield of paintball. Make a real team and use all your cunning and courage to overcome opponents, always following the steps of the team.

Archery Tag in Bosc Aventura Salou

Archery Tag

Enjoy this strategic and adventure game where you can demonstrate your precision and mastery of the use of bow. The activity lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

Combo in Bosc Aventura Salou


Or if you want a lot of fun… You have the “combo” pack where you can combine the zip lines circuits with the Paintball or with the Archery Tag. And, of course, the lunch/snack to recover after so much exercise.

Are you ready to develop these Team Building activities?

Free all your adrenaline and feel the team strength in every test.


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